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Ruby and C : Part 1

This first part aims at explaining how Ruby in the background is not Ruby anymore. In the next part I’m going to talk about HOW to bridge some existing C library with your ruby application. As you might know already, the official ruby interpreter is written in pure C. This means that whenever you type [...]

How to display a collection grouped by an attribute value in Rails

Flashback time. We are in 1999 and you are coding in ASP… yet people are not laughing at you.

Life beyond the each iterator

Today I will take a break from the IM integration with XMPP4r series and write about something completely different. Writing about XMPP4r just for the heck of it would become boring for everyone quite fast. Let me dim the light, start some sentimental music, light some candles, make an exaggerated smile so I can become [...]