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Review of some testing tools for ruby

I never wrote anything about tests on this blog and the reason is simple: I never considered testing to be something fun. The little slogan you see at the top left (a bit cheesy I admit) is the reason why I started Ruby Fleebie back in 2007. I was amazed by the possibilities of the [...]

XMPP4r: A real world example

It’s been a while since I wrote about XMPP and XMPP4r. I’m glad because my introductory posts on this topic were very well received. Today I want to push further and share with you a tutorial-like post explaining step by step how to build a simple application with a XMPP interface. The complete listing is [...]

How to setup a password-less “cap deploy” with Capistrano

The situation You want to type “cap deploy” without having to enter your ssh password every time The background You have configured your server to allow public key authentications over ssh and have given the proper permissions to the resulting files & folders (how to do this). Oh and the repository as well as your [...]