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Every Little Things Capistrano Does Is Magic

During all these years, Capistrano has been for me a magical gnome that I invoke by saying “cap deploy, my magical friend!” and then I close my eyes, sing a happy song in my head and when the gnome has finished his magic, I hit F5 to see if all went well. And of course, [...]

Should ruby go the haml route and uses significant whitespaces?

Before I start, let me get something straight: I’m not saying it would be a good or bad idea… I’m just asking the question. I must say that my first experience with a significant whitespace language was a disaster. The first time I had to use Python was on a server via ssh. I was [...]

Generate round-robin sport schedules with RRSchedule

One of our projects, called Mon Curling, is a web application that helps recreational curling leagues with their schedules, results and standings. One thing that the app was NOT doing was to generate the schedule automatically. Instead, the league manager had to generate his schedule beforehand and enter all the matches manually in our interface. [...]