XMPP4r 0.4 has been released

It’s been a while since the latest release of XMPP4r. I was starting to think that the development for this great library had been stopped.
Fortunately, version 0.4 has been released on August 5th 2008. We’re going to try this new version internally and eventually use it for TimmyOnTime. I am personnally hoping for less memory consumption, more speed and more stability. This new version highlights are :

  1. The beginning of ruby 1.9 support
  2. Refactoring of error classes (I’m really looking forward to this)

Here is the full changelog :
XMPP4R 0.4 (05/08/2008)
* Initial support for Ruby 1.9 (see README_ruby19.txt)
* Complete PubSub API Change – more logical and better for
childclasses, support for collection node creation
* a Helper to assist with XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities
* SASL anonymous support
* File transfer fixes
* MUC room configuration fixes
* initial support for XEP-0118 User Tune
* fix for an xmlrpc exception-during-serialisation bug, which would cause
a hang
* Support auto-gem generation on GitHub with improved and DRY’er RakeFile and
* Add support for the old SSL protocol (needed to connect to GTalk)
* Changed API for Client, Component, Connection, Stream to remove
need for antiquated ‘threaded’ param in the initializer.
* Use a Logger instance instead of directly writing to stdout
* Re-factored & consolidated Error classes. See xmpp4r/errors.rb for all
custom errors that can be caught. All inherit from Jabber::Error which
itself inherits from Ruby’s StandardError. This is a first step in
re-factoring errors. The next step will be to convert all ‘raise’ calls to
raise a custom Jabber::Error or one of its children instead of anonymous
RuntimeErrors. This allows much more granularity in catching and handling
errors later.
If you were catching Jabber::ErrorException before you should probably
change that in your code to now catch Jabber::Error if you want to
catch everything or one of the custom children of Jabber::Error defined in
‘lib/xmpp4r/errors.rb’. Additionally, the Error class which encapsulated
the xmpp error response, has been renamed to ErrorResponse to reflect its
real usage. This free’s up ‘Jabber::Error’ for use as our base Error class.

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