Our latest project TimmyOnTime now in alpha version!

Dan and I are extremely excited to release the alpha version of our new project called TimmyOnTime.
What is TimmyOnTime?
TimmyOnTime is a IM-based time management tool. To use it, you only need a Jabber client like Google Talk or Gaim (MSN or AIM users don’t despair! We also added support for these 2 networks). To have Timmy track the time on your projects, you only have to chat with him via your IM! Let’s say for example you want to create the following new project : Achieve hapiness. Well, you just tell Timmy about it and you write : create project achieve hapiness
Timmy will create your project and tell you if everything went OK in the process. Now that you have a project, you might want to create some tasks? Nothing is easier : create task smile more often
At this point, Timmy have started the first session on your new task. To stop the timer, just write : stop
Web access is optional
That’s right. One of the important thing for Dan and me was to make optional the web registration process. So, if you don’t want to bother about the website, just use your IM and chat with Timmy. However, we’re pretty sure you’ll want the added features of a web access (project / task renaming, time editing, etc).
It’s your chance!
We want to offer to RubyFleebie and JavascriptKata readers the chance to try this brand new application first. Since it is an Alpha release, we decided to limit to 150 the number of users that can access TimmyOnTime. If everything goes smoothly, we will increase that number slowly over time.
During this alpha period, we would appreciate that you give us feedback on the application. Also, if you find bugs, it would be nice that you let us know! ([email protected])
To get you started : TimmyOnTime

13 thoughts on “Our latest project TimmyOnTime now in alpha version!

  1. This is very cool! Nice idea and way better than loading up a clunky (even if it’s web based) project management tool for time tracking.
    A couple of (hopefully simple) things that would be nice – more attributes. The title for the tasks is good but having a description would also help (think user stories). As well, in a multi-user project, I’d want to store more information about the project itself i.e. svn repository url, documentation/wiki url’s, etc.
    Finally, it would be cool if it had a flag that I could set for reminders. That is, if I configured Timmy to remind me then he would send me an IM if I hadn’t used him.
    Speaking of that, is it possible (probably through the web interface) to enter past time that is either pre-Timmy or time that I worked where I didn’t have access to Timmy?
    Very cool app! I’ll be trying it out and I wish you guys luck in the venture.

  2. @Mike
    I just copied/pasted your message in our TODO/Suggestion list. That some great stuff! About the reminders, we thought of adding them but we decided to not develop it in the alpha version. They will certainly be added in the near future though.
    To answer your question about the pre-timmy projects. Yes, you can do it. Just create your tasks on the IM and go update the time on the web for each of them. You can only edit the time of the sessions, not the tasks themselves. So to edit the time, you have to find your task, click on “show details” and click the edit button on the session of your choice (if you have just created the task, you will see only one sesion). If it tells you that you are currently working on this task, you won’t be able to edit this session manually. Write “stop” in the IM and refresh the web page, you should be ok. Hope this helps
    Thanks for the comments!

  3. @Nando, glad that you like the application!
    Honestly, information about how to integrate jabber with web applications is rather rare. You might want to take a look at the xmpp4r ruby library. There is also one called “jabber simple” that seems even more easy to use.

  4. Ow, I have one small ‘problem’ on Timmy. I added 4 projects while I were testing it. Then, I removed them all. Now, if I try to create a new one I receive this message:
    You can’t manage more projects. Subscribe to TimmyOnTime at http://www.timmyontime.com/im/home/unlimited and you could manage thousands of projects… isn’t it exciting?
    Is this correct? I have no projects anymore, right? Ow… the URL is broken! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hi Frank,
    Still can’t create new projects.
    > list projects
    You don’t have any project
    > create project spesa
    You can’t manage more projects. Subscribe to TimmyOnTime at […]
    Ow.. the URL for subscribing to unlimited is broken.

  6. Hi Frank,
    I have one suggestion. I use Gajim (linux) as jabber client and I think that you’re sending the messages without the type :chat (:normal maybe?). On Gajim, this opens a new window just for that message and is so annoying. When you send as :chat this doesn’t happen.

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