The one thing with Ruby that won you

Think of all the things in ruby that impressed you when you first start using it and try to remember the one that won your heart. It doesn’t has to be a key concept or a complex principle. A simple twist in the syntax that had you say “Wow… I love this!” could do.
To me, the Integer times method is that thing.
Loops like 3.times{puts “dum “} simply blow my mind by their readability. At that time I was wondering how this thing could work since I didn’t know about code blocks, but it still was a real pleasure to my eyes nonetheless. The times method might not be the end of the world, but it’s simple things like that that help me remember why I’m a proud rubyist.
What is the one thing with Ruby that won you ?

4 thoughts on “The one thing with Ruby that won you

  1. I’m still learning Ruby, so the thing that grabbed me is still fresh in my memory: code blocks – so simple, yet so powerful!

  2. Heh. find :all is a Railsism. Technically it’s still Ruby but it’s not part of the official package.
    Me? I got hooked when I discovered the grace and power of Enumerable. Enumerable#collect has been a lifesaver. No more creating empty arrays/hashes then iterating over another array/hash and sending the results to the empty one!

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