Interacting with MongoDB using Rails 3 and MongoMapper

MongoDB is an opensource document-oriented database in the vein of CouchDB. It’s been a while since I wanted to try this kind of database on a Rails project. After reading this nice tutorial today I decided to take some time to create a sample Rails 3 app and put it on github.
I chose to use MongoMapper, a ruby object mapper for Mongo. MongoMapper uses ActiveModel and let you interact with a MongoDB database in a very ActiveRecord way.
Hope this sample app will help you getting started with MongoDB!

5 thoughts on “Interacting with MongoDB using Rails 3 and MongoMapper

  1. Thanks for the great sample. It would be great if you could give instructions on how you built the whole applications i.e. what tools and techniques you used.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion Sasan. It’s true that this post would have been better if it had some code samples and configuration explanations! I was feeling lazy when I wrote this one

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  4. hey all,
    I am having a problem with rails3 integration with mongodb, using ruby 1.8.7 inside. i have put the database configurations in database.yml, but when i start my app on the browser it gives me an error of the mongodb adapter. I have tried a slution i left database file empty and restarted the server afterthat when i ran the app over the browser it gives me “no method error []”. afterthat i have reverted the database configurations in the yml file as it is, and hit ctrl+f5 over the browser with restarting the server and the result was unacceptable.. my app started working.. i know there are some glitches in the configuration of database.. any kind of help will be appreciated. thanks

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