About me

My name is François Lamontagne and I live in the city of Trois-Rivières (three rivers) in Quebec. I am a freelancer and I specialize in Web Development

I am also the founder and developer of My Curling Club, an all-in-one solution for curling clubs.

Other interests

Aside from programming, I like to be in nature and I have a strong interest in permaculture, self-sufficiency and music. As I grow older I’m doing my best to become less ignorant about important things in life, such as relationships, children, the environment, the food I eat, the things I buy, the things I say, the thoughts I have, etc.
Here is a song I have recorded in September 2016. It is called “Instant présent”. It’s a song about the time that keeps going faster and faster, hence the importance of doing his/her best to live “in the moment”.