Tell me where my things are, Mrs. Pratt!

I’m proud to present you my latest project : Mrs. Pratt !

Who is Mrs. Pratt?

Mrs. Pratt is a super woman who will help you remember where you things are!

The idea is simple : You tell Mrs. Pratt whenever you lend something to someone. Say for example that you lent your Bing Crosby Christmas album to Georges, you just have to tell Mrs. Pratt about it, like that :

Developed with RoR and uses xmpp4r for IM integration

Once again, this is a project I created with RubyOnRails. I also used the ruby library Xmpp4r which is the object of an ongoing serie of articles on RubyFleebie.

There is also a really simple API available for developers who would like to integrate Mrs. Pratt with their own appliaction.

That’s it! I hope you will like the idea. If you do, please be kind enough to send me your comments/suggestions/rants about the project at [email protected]

8 thoughts on “Tell me where my things are, Mrs. Pratt!

  1. hey frank,
    congratulations. i don’t know where you guys are getting your ideas, it seems trois-rivières is an inspiring place to be for web applications.
    who is doing your illustrations by the way? they look great
    also i had a look at the source code, and it’s …. simple… which is good.

  2. Thanks all for your comments!
    Heri, I guess you are talking about the HTML code right? The server code is not available… well it is not supposed too be… (moment of panic) 🙂

  3. I like it too! Here’s your millionth request : could we have a “give it back to me now” button that would send a mail or an IM to the person who currently have my things? That way, maybe you could remember to give me back my 2 Scott Adams books 😉

  4. @Dan,
    That’s a good idea. About your Scott Adams books, now that Mrs. Pratt is aware of this, I won’t be able to steal them from you… which was my original plan.
    Thanks! Yes, like you said, the idea is very simple… but I believe it addresses a real need for a lot of people. Future will tell…

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