The voice of the community

I am thinking about that for quite some time now… how about having some posts written by other people once in a while? (Once every month maybe?)
If you have something relevant to share with us about anything conerning Ruby, I offer you to do it right here on Ruby Fleebie! just send me your post at frank[at] and if it’s good enough, I’ll publish it.
I hate to say this but to be accepted, your post must follow these guidelines :

  1. Do not use the language of a 12 years old AOLer (e.g. Ruby iz da shit, it rEaLlY r0ckz hArd!!!1).
  2. Do not preach about Jesus. This is a Ruby blog.
  3. No mother jokes (e.g. Your mother is so fat one could believe she is not a human but a demolition truck!!). These jokes are not the slightest bit funny and more importantly they don’t make any sense on a ruby blog. Avoid them at all costs.
  4. Don’t go all crazy writing how much you hate me and how stupid I was to let a troublemaker like you spit his hatred on the blog without any precaution.
  5. Don’t scare my readers by telling them how much it would rock if someone would invent COBOLOnRails, ADAOnRails, FileMakerProOnRails or FoxtranOnRails.
  6. Don’t start your post like this : “And this is why I’d like to hear you on the subject”.
  7. Don’t threaten my readers by telling them you will suck their blood.
  8. And finally, under any circumstance, DO NOT insult Fleebie! Let this friendly and peaceful red alien alone for God sake!

That’s all I can think of right now.
Seriously, I cannot guarantee WHEN and IF I will publish your post, but if it’s relevant in one way or another, I will.

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