Finally, the answer to the question "What is Fleebie?"

First of all, those who read this in a feed reader should click on the link to see the new face lift that happened to this blog. Personally, I love it. I’d like to hear your comments on that.
A lot of people asked me : “What is a Fleebie?” or “Who is Fleebie?”. I always tried to hide the truth to my readers, telling them it was only a word without meaning. It worked for a while, but now I can’t lie to you anymore. You all deserve better than that.
Fleebie is the little red thing you see at the bottom of every posts. It is a strange little alien that is kind enough to teach me the ruby programming language. The articles you find here are thought by Fleebie. My only job is to write what the red alien is thinking. It is NOT an imaginary friend of mine… or at least it shouldn’t be. You can see it right?
Anyway, just wanted to introduce Fleebie to you. I’d like to let you know that whenever I write something irrelevant or confusing, it is its fault.
The new design is the work of Alex Dumas, who is just a tremendous web designer as well as a good friend of mine. Thanks Alex! This new design is rocking hard.
The comments are working now! Sorry about that…

4 thoughts on “Finally, the answer to the question "What is Fleebie?"

  1. Hi Frank and Fleebie, congrats for the great content and new dazzling design.
    Frank you just joined the selected group of people that are frontends for non-human elements in the opensource scene, along with Linus Torvalds (Frontend for Santa and Tooth Fairy) and Rusty Russel (frontend for his pet hamster).
    I’m gald to see that Ruby is a intergalatic language now!
    Kudos for Frank for this excelent site!

  2. Thanks Silvio,
    It’s a great honor for me to be part of this selected group! hehe
    I’m glad you like the new design and thanks for the kind words!

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