Say hello to Ecstatik!

Recently, Dan and I have been busy working on a rails application. We put it online a few days ago and now we’re slowly getting at the publicizing phase.
Let’s be honest for a second, what we did is not revolutionary (It was not our goal anyway). In fact, our application is what we could call a Digg-like, we’re not hiding it at all. The twist is that we focus on funny content instead of “every kind of content in the world”. As our about section says :
« Ecstatik! aims at all that is funny on the web : images, videos and texts. Register and when you see something that makes you laugh, submit it to Ecstatik! (you can also use the bookmarklet to submit from anywhere on the web). »
So that’s it. It is that simple really… and we believe it can be fun. Moreover, it was the perfect occasion for Dan and myself to start working together on the same projects, something we wanted to try for quite a while.
It turned out pretty damn well. Dan took in charge the Javascript / Ajax portion of the application while I worked on most of the Rails stuff. We’re already working on new projects and are enjoying every seconds of this new collaboration.
I’d also like to point out that this is a beta version, so it might contains bugs and other issues. Please let us know if you find something wrong on the website.
But enough babbling, if you want to try it out, here it is : Ecstatik!

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