How To Strip Insignificant Zeros From a Float In Rails

I had a float attribute in a Rails application and wanted to strip non-significant zeros when displaying it on a page. With the number_with_precision helper from ActionView, that’s a trivial thing:

[ruby light="true"]
strip_insignificant_zeros: true,
precision: 2
# => "3.5"

6 thoughts on “How To Strip Insignificant Zeros From a Float In Rails

  1. Xavier Noria says:

    Just in case, note that the Ruby sees no zero in the literal 3.50, it’s the same as 3.5.

    The zero this option is stripping is the one in the string % would otherwise generate because the precision is 2.

  2. Frank says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Xavier.

    In my case I needed to keep the precision at 2 since I wanted “2.75″ and not “2.8″. The only thing I didn’t want were strings like “2.50″ or “2.00″

  3. Thanks for the tip. I am using rails to build a financial application and found the exact answer I was looking for right here!

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