Rubyize this : 6th edition

Oh, my… God.

What is this? First post in a century? What’s going on here Fleebie? Our beloved readers are going to stop respecting us, and for good reasons.

For those who care, I am not dead, I am not sick… I am just working like crazy on Azanka, the company I started with Dan recently.

Ok now it’s time for a brand new edition of Rubyize this. Let’s get the ball rolling. Hold on… I’m going to google images to get a picture of a ball rolling.


Hmm… I’m afraid this isn’t going to roll at all

Anyway, consider this :

I am an old and unhappy programmer from the late eighties and you secretly watch me coding the following lines :

Bring the light to this man who retires in 2 days

Refactor this on RMC!