Komodo Edit : A great editor for dynamic languages

Being a Linux/Ubuntu user, i cannot use the praised Textmate editor to develop ruby applications. I tried a lot of editors, some of them being very good ones, but in the end I always end up using gedit.

gedit is great… but it is rather limited features-wise. Recently I have tried Komodo Edit and I can say that this is the best RubyOnRails editor available on Linux. It has a lot of features (autocomplete, tons of supported languages, macros, color schemes, etc) but somehow it is still light and minimalist.

Komodo Edit is also available on Mac and Windows

Komodo screenshot

  • http://www.h3rald.com Fabio Cevasco

    Yes, I agree… even on Windows though: it’s really a great editor. I normally try to keep using gVim, but sometimes the temptation (and the lazyness) is too strong.

    I wrote a review of Komodo Edit a while back: http://www.h3rald.com/articles/komodo-edit-review

  • http://www.rubyfleebie.com Frank

    That’s a way better review than mine, I enjoyed reading it, thanks!

  • http://www.nzqri.cdmojn.com gbwdmv lcftioenq

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  • http://www.rubyfleebie.com Frank

    You got a pretty valid point I must say, gbwdmf lcftioenq… but still, I think you are taking my post far too personally. Moreover, while I understand that Komodo Edit might not the be the be-all end-all code editor, it is pretty solid nonetheless. You should try it instead of jumping to conclusions.

  • Jedt S.

    I have both textmate for all quick tasks. Komodo IDE is also a tool for me for a long time also.
    But after I’ve use IntelliJ recently + Ruby plugin. The refactoring tool and great workflow of IntelliJ made me changed.

    RubyMine is just release and the price isn cheap compare to the dedicated Ruby IDE for real productivity.

    Take a look at the demos!

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  • freenight

    what about aptana and netbeans??

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