IM Integration With XMPP4r : Part 2

In the first part, we talked less about XMPP4r and more about XMPP, this time it will be the other way around.

Now that we know that XMPP messages are XML bits of information exchanged between a client and a server via a TCP connection, we are more able to understand the purpose of XMPP4r.

What is XMPP4r?

Here is the most simple definition I came out with : XMPP4r is a ruby library that acts as a XMPP Client. Understand it that way and you won’t be confuse about what XMPP4r is supposed to do. Like any other jabber client (google talk, pidgin, etc), Xmpp4r sends, receives and manages XML messages called stanzas.

In a sense, XMPP4r is like GoogleTalk without the GUI. (And, of course, XMPP4r is not already implemented… you have to code the behavior of the client yourself). With GoogleTalk, you connect on a Jabber Server by pressing the connect button. With XMPP4r, you connect on a Jabber server that way :

The first line simply creates a new instance of the Client class. This instance represents the user itself. The 2nd line tries to establish a connection between the user and the Jabber server ( The 3rd line tries to authenticate the user using the following mechanisms.

  • Non-SASL digest

Now about the 4th line. Remember when I talked about stanzas in the first part? Well, at the 4th line, we sent our first stanza to our Jabber Server… a presence stanza. We did this because we want our server to know we are there. That way, everyone in our buddy list will know we are online and ready to chat!

Sending messages
So, what now? You are online, fine… but how can you exchange messages with people? That’s pretty simple…

Important note : You have to set the message type to “chat” because some clients will react differently depending of the message type. A Gajim user will hate you if you send him messages with a message type of “normal”, because Gajim popups a new window for every single “normal” messages it receives. On the other hand, it uses the same window for “chat” messages coming from the same user.

Ok so we know how to send a message to someone, but what if that someone is not in our buddy list? Well, simply put, it will not work. XMPP just doesn’t allow this and we all agree that it’s a good thing. Who like to be spammed?

Say we want to add to our buddy list, we do :

Ok so we sent our request… what about the response? Fortunately, the line above won’t wait for a result. As you can imagine, it could get pretty long… we don’t control the answer of the person at the other end after all. This leads me to talk to you about a key feature of xmpp4r : callbacks.

Registering Callbacks

Let’s get back to our subscription request we sent to John earlier. Since we said that our line of code would NOT wait for a response, we need some other way to get that response when it will come. (that’s pretty much what callbacks are for, right?)

Because we sent a subscription request, the callback “add_update_callback” will be called as soon as the user at the other end will reply. If you want to be notified when this happens, you have to register to this callback :

Xmpp4r provides callbacks for a lot of purposes. Now if I want to be notified of the messages sent to us by others, what do I have to use? The answer is add_message_callback!

There is also a very useful callback that lets you know when the availability of someone in your buddy list change.

Note that the various callbacks in xmpp4r run within their own thread.

Well, this is the end of the 2nd part. Next part should be about the Roster helper and I also want to criticize Xmpp4r about his stability (lack of) and somewhat incomplete documentation.

Woooh! Silly me… here is an important update

Don Park and Nilu had problems with this tutorial… and it’s probably because I forgot to talk about an essential part : The subscription. To receive messages from others, you have to accept their subscription requests first! Here is how

  1. require ‘xmpp4r/roster’ (a roster is an object representing your buddy list)
  2. roster =
  3. Implement the add_subscription_request_callback that way (if you want to accept everyone) :

You should be fine now.. sorry about that

UPDATE October 21st 2008
Some interesting remarks in the comments deserved a proper update :


I’m sure you have your answer already, but let me explain the “running in their own thread” thing :

The callbacks are invoked in the context of the “parser thread” which is the one doing the actual “listening” of the the XML stream. When something happens in the parser thread (e.g. message stanza received), callbacks are invoked from there. So the code you have in your various callbacks are effectively executed in the parser thread context.

Like Leonardo wrote, you have to write Thread.stop in your main thread when you have set all your callbacks and other initialization stuff.

It might sound confusing, but you have to write Thread.stop to keep the current thread alive. Thread.stop will simply put the current thread into sleep mode and leave all the scheduling time to the other threads (the parser thread in our case). If you don’t write Thread.stop, everything ends when the main thread has nothing left to do.

  • Dan Simard

    It was completly clear! I’m glad you write about XMPP4R because nobody wants to talk about it… almost no documentation, no examples and no blog posts. Is XMPP4R taboo?

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  • IceskYsl

    so cool~ thx~

  • Stephane Wirtel

    I don’t know if XMPP4R is taboo, but I am interrested by this project. A bit of documentation would be welcome.

  • IceskYsl
  • Tyler

    Hey, thanks a lot. I’ve coincidentally been playing around with this a bunch. I’ve been having a problem with status synchronization with Google Talk. For example, say I want to connect, get my status, message it to a test account, then update it. I can’t seem to get the changes to apply if I login to Google Talk from another client (say GMail) Any ideas?

  • Frank


    Yeah sometimes I wonder if Xmpp4r is taboo too… no one wants to talk about it! I have to say it is not the most actively supported gem around. I’m currently seriously thinking about writing my own for XMPP. Next step is to stop thinking about it and to actually do it :)


    Are you talking about the status itself (busy, available, etc) or the status message? We have experienced problems trying to set the status message with XMPP4r and we have simply stopped investigating on the issue.

    If you are speaking about the status itself that doesn’t update… well I’m not quite sure about the source of the problem. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you are trying to set your status manually (technically it should work but there might be a bug in xmpp4r). Could you send me the code you are using to accomplish what you want? I would be more able to help you with your problem.

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  • Mislav


    It’s great that you’re writing about this. Both were excellent articles and I hope you’ll keep it up.

  • Frank


    I’m glad you like the articles. There will be a 3rd part for sure (that might be the final one, but I’m not sure of yet).

    I really think IM integration is not used enough in today web applications. Some people see it as a gimmick, but to me nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Thanks for your comment

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  • Don Park

    mangled resource names?
    i connect with
    jid = JID::new(‘’)
    client = Client::new(jid)
    it took a while to figure out how to connect to instead of

    and send with
    to = “”
    subject = “from yin to yang”
    body = “help”
    m = Message::new(to, body).set_type(:normal).set_id(’1′).set_subject(subject)
    puts “sending: #{m.inspect}”
    client.send m

    i have a ‘yang’ version of the same program to receive the message. yang never gets the message and my pidgin IM program pops up with the “help” message from

    do you know whats with the extra digits in the resource name?

  • Nilu

    I was trying to implement a chat client using this tutorial but it seems that my messages do not get recieved. I am using a local host for this. The client seems to send the messages (at least it doesn’t give me any errors) but when i run an another instance of the program and try to recieve messages, the messages do not show. Any ideas as to why this may be? Thank you in advance for any help

  • Frank

    @Don Park,

    Sorry for the late answer. The digits after the resource name is an auto-generated ID… you do not have control over it. I believe it gets assigned by your Jabber server (in this case,

    Now about the problem you are facing, I realize I forgot to include something important in my article..shame on me. You have to subscribe to the other contact. I update the original post, look above.


    It is probably my fault for that again! I forgot to talk about the subscription part.. look at the end of this post… I wrote an update. I’m sorry about that

  • Nilu

    Thanks for the update! :D

  • Nilu

    I also found out that Client class does not contain ‘add_update_callback’ the Rsoter::Helper class does…

  • Nilu

    You said that the callbacks are in a separate thread, so then how will the main thread (which is the client) actually receive the message? How would it communicate with the client? I don’t seem to be able to receive messages, although i can send them successfully even when i use the roster.

  • Leonardo Boiko

    @Nilu: I had the same problem as you. Looking at the examples that came with the debian package libxmpp4r-ruby-doc, I found this:


    next to the end of the script, after you set your callbacks. Works for me. See echo_threaded.rb for more.

  • bino

    Well … Sometime a go , I make a dirty jum to ruby … specialy xmpp4r.
    Unfortunately my work is gone, the HD formated.
    But here is the story about it :
    Note that I’m a dumb lazy programmer with a bunch of dream.
    I want to send the output of ttyctrl ( at a station to another remote station, so I :
    1. Install ttyctrl
    2. Write a XMPP4R script, add a socket (udp) server to it
    3. write a ruby script that can talk udp to script #2
    4. set ttyctrl to call script#3 with it’s as parameter
    5. When script#2 receive msg from script#3, it send ttyctrl output to another jabber client , which is me + pidgin.

    Note : Script#2 and Script#3 is in the same host

    This way, I can use XMPP for 2-way comunication between any application or any embeded device, regardless of excessive bandwidth usage caused by xml overhead.

  • Nakyss

    Thanks for this article, this is so nice to read some good documentation about xmpp4r.

    However, there are some little mistakes that i wanted to point out here.
    Well I pasted the codes right from the web site and here was the persisting error that kept coming at me when trying to execute the script:

    Jabber_test_ruby.rb:81: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’, expecting kEND
    Jabber_test_ruby.rb:92: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting kEND
    it’s just because you forget to write the “end”s closing block of the callback methods(not all of them).

    Anyway keep up the good work, I’ll come back here.

  • Frank


    I’m sure you have your answer already, but let me explain the “running in their own thread” thing :

    The callbacks are invoked in the context of the “parser thread” which is the one doing the actual “listening” of the the XML stream. When something happens in the parser thread (e.g. message stanza received), callbacks are invoked from there. So the code you have in your various callbacks are effectively executed in another thread context.

    Like Leonardo wrote, you have to write Thread.stop in your main thread when you have set all your callbacks and other initialization stuff.

    It might sound confusing, but you have to write Thread.stop to keep the current thread alive. Thread.stop simply put the current thread into sleep mode and leave all the scheduling time to the other threads (the parser thread in our case). If you don’t write Thread.stop, everything ends when the main thread has nothing left to do.

    I have updated the original post.

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  • Hooopo

    Thanks,it’s so powerful!

  • bishkekblog

    Thanks for the useful site.Keep up the good work.God bless you and keep you.

  • worldround

    Thanks for the interesting and informative site. That’s definitely what I’ve been looking for.

  • ruby beginner

    So how would one change the port on which this example connects on ie for communications with a TCP proxy or socks proxy.(-L or -D options in openssh) or say port 9050 for operation as a tor hidden server with OTR support added by otr-proxy

  • ryan

    how do you send messages to the jabber chatroom using xmpp4r

  • Art

    Presence seems to be mostly empty when getting a roster. Any ideas on how to get all the presence with the roster call?

  • Drew

    The Client class does not have the add_update callback.

  • v0n

    Thanks Frank for the “Thread.stop” trick!

  • Frank

    Glad it was helpful to you VOn!

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  • sawyer

    can this library build a web chatting room ?
    I’m ready to use rails to realize this on my social web site.

  • Nemus

    I have been unable to get xmpp4r to work with openfire 3.7

    I was wondering if anyone could help

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    есть возможность спонтанного божественного знания. Себя он считает именно таким, и это
    отношение «свысока» позволяет ему успешно работать в системе батюшек.

    Но и тут его в конце-концов обламывает. После неудачной попытки взять денег на строительство
    собственной харизматической церкви Стас окончательно впадает в распад личности. Все за что
    он пытался взяться оказалось невостребованным. Причины понятны – нежелание объективно
    взглянуть на ситуацию, увлечение романтическими приключенческими романами в детстве и
    советская пропаганда, строившая для каждого звездный дом в космосе. Начался окончательный
    этап «ресентимента»: отрицание объективно ценного или объективно полезного в угоду своим
    комплексам. Стас Речинский одевается в коричневые одежки и объявляет себя главным говном в


    Что его радует в этом деле – так это безнаказанность. В воспаленном воображении Речинского
    он «мстя, и мстя моя страшна», – и если от его «говносливов» страдают посторонние люди,
    это его не слишком волнует. Ведь все его публикации это слив информации, которая часто
    защищена «тайной следствия». И на это никто не обращает внимания, так наши контролирующие
    органы сами ее и сливают. В том бардаке, который у нас в стране творится нет ничего
    удивительного в том, что «тайна следствия» стала расхожим вымыслом. И это позор не
    только Речинского, а страны в целом, и свидетельство ее морального разложения. Всем
    понятно, что так дальше жить нельзя, но никто не умеет по-другому. А кто-то вообще на этой
    деградации «жирует», и как Речинский будет ее всеми силами защищать.

    Но никакой «Дон Кихот» не может быть без своего «Санчо Пансы». Всегда «красавчик» ходит на
    пару с «крокодилом». Стаса Речинского везде сопровождает некий Владимир Бойко, бывший
    донецкий журналист, известный тем, что первым вывалил в мир заказуху о судимости Януковича.
    За это мы, граждане, конечно должны ему быть благодарны, но при этом не забывать, что всегда
    есть заинтересованные в том, чтобы звезды тухли или зажигались. В этом случае – «старые»
    донецкие решили молодого нарванного Яныка немножко тормознуть в его «терниях».

    Отношений Стас и Бойко никто не понимает, – назвать их просто друзьями сложно, на
    собутыльников не тянут, любовниками – нет подтверждений, иначе бы в киевской тусовке
    все об этом знали. Версия одна – самовлюбленному нарциссу всегда нужна аудитория в виде
    неоттеняющего его гоблина. С кем еще поделиться щекочущими душу травмами, выплакаться.
    А выговориться есть о чем. Говорят, что немалая доля мести Стаса порождена возможным
    сексуальным насилием в армии и школе которое он сейчас пытается компенсировать. Версия
    Владимира Бойко, когда он напивается, звучит так. В бригаде, где служил Стас, была группа
    старослужащих, красивых, уверенных, спортивных, интересных и привлекающих внимание.
    Все «молодые» были от них без ума, фанатели, хотели быть на них похожими, подражали им.
    Чтобы попасть в свиту к этой «элите» соревновались, спорили и даже дрались между собой. Стасу
    долго счастье не улыбалось, пока его, наконец, вечером не позвали присоединиться к закрытому
    сборищу. Там его привязали, и он всю ночь смотрел как эти красавцы накурившись коллективом
    шпилят местных молодых девах. Им нравилось смотреть на его мучения, на его судороги. Шутка
    была в том, чтобы заставить «молодого» кончить без физического контакта, только красивой
    картинкой слияния тел. В школьные годы над ним был совершен акт педофилии ,который нанес
    непоправимый вред детской психике на всю жизнь. Мы не знаем что творилось внутри черепушки
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    своего сайта «ORD» от таких же изгоев и обиженных ,как и он сам.

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