Playing with blocks : Part 2

In the first part, I tried to cover the basics of code blocks. Now, we’re going to talk about : Code blocks and scope A code block is a closure Oh no… not another definition of a closure? Yes, but I promise I will be quick. First, to understand what a closure is we have [...]

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Playing with blocks : Part 1

A while back, I wrote an introduction on code blocks. So if you’re not sure what they are, you should read it first. Something I find interesting with code blocks is that they create the illusion of being executed at the moment they are written. It’s easy to get fooled, because when you look at [...]

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Diving into ruby object model : Part 2

Understanding the “chain” In my last article, I explained where the various elements of an object were located. Now it’s time to understand what happens at run time when you write the following :

Ahh… A method call! Ruby knows what to do in this situation. Remember that inside “obj” resides a reference to [...]

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